Monday, May 30, 2011

Welcome to life

Welcome. I’ve come to note a few social observations from practical interaction with different personality types. I’ll talk more in depth about not only appealing to their reasoning and logic but also their emotion. As humans we look to conquer our area of control as perceived by our grasp of reality. We seek to master the direct area of influence within our social sect and environment. Though, truly is the reality perceived a collective reality of shared feelings and emotions or rather our perception of that reality? Is there a such thing as a collective inherent morality? What is the basis for good rhetoric? How can I intelligently communicate and annunciate my ideas into casual conversation? Well, in time dear friend I will take you on the journey of discovery. I’ll provide anecdotes, scientific studies, my own interpretation among that of experts to explain as best as I can topics varying from string theory, sailing, psychoanalysis, political science, to whatever I feel like addressing of the day. I don’t want to cover too much at once and provide sensory overload. So I will limit my initial posts and provide links to topics that more information is requested or I feel deserves the attention. Ultimately, this journey will encompass several (unethical) social experiments, little known public knowledge masked by misconception, world travel, stories of times past, and an attempt at leaving a legacy as we accept our own mortality.

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